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BMFMS Conference


Women's health needs change at every age and stage of her life. Addressing her unique concerns from pregnancy, menopause, and certain cancers like breast and cervical, and osteoporosis — help to ensure a healthier life.

Roche Diagnostics support laboratories with an innovative Women's Health Portfolio that keep up with her evolving needs and gives you the power of knowing that you're using accurate information to make the right decisions today delivering clinicians the results they need to diagnose and treat women across their lifetime.

Roche Diagnostics Women's Health Portfolio encompasses tests that measure the ovarian reserve and groups of tests that fulfill national screening requirements for first trimester fetal anomalies, infectious diseases, bone health and anaemia. The portfolio includes the Harmony non-invasive prenatal test and the sFlt/PlGF ratio test for the diagnosis and short term prediction of pre-eclampsia.  The sFlt/PlGF ratio test is recommended by NICE to help diagnose suspected preeclampsia,, published in May 2016.