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Trainees' Session

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Rare Topics in Obstetric Medicine, Fetal Medicine, and Intrapartum Obstetrics, followed by a Pathways into Research session

Tuesday 9th June 2020, 12:30-13:30

“Did you hear, there was a case of …….. at the weekend?”

The trainees’ session returns to the Perinatal conference, with the opportunity to hear about rare topics in obstetrics.

We will be discussing three cases covering maternal medicine, fetal medicine, and intrapartum obstetrics. We are prioritising cases which align with the new ATSM curricula.

Each case will be presented, followed by discussion with the audience and the opportunity to ask our experts questions related to the case.

Following the success of last years ‘pathways to research’ session, we have incorporated this into the trainee’s session this year and following the case presentations there will be a presentation from Dr Jenny Myers.

Please email an outline of your interesting case(s) to

Deadline: Monday 23rd March 2020, 22:00 GMT


Please use the following format (separate email for each case submitted):

Email subject line: BMFMS Trainees’ Session 2020

Name of trainee presenting:

Contact email:

Current role:

Current hospital / institution:

Section: maternal medicine / fetal medicine / intrapartum obstetrics

Topic title (maximum 10 words):

Details of case (maximum 100 words – no images / tables):

Please note the word limits above. Cases above 100 words will be rejected.

You will be expected to attend the conference and present at the trainees’ session, using Powerpoint slides (maximum 5 minutes). If you wish to include any photographs of the patient please ensure they are anonymised and that you have appropriate permission(s).

The below topics are from the ATSM and will be given priority above other rare cases.

Peripartum cardiomyopathyDandy-Walker spectrumUterine rupture
Acute fatty liver of pregnancyFetal arrhythmiaAmniotic fluid emobolism
SarcoidosisMegacystis / lower urinary tract obstructionMassive pulmonary embolism
Cystic fibrosisPleural effusionStroke (cerebrovascular accident)
Sickle cell diseaseBowel atresiaEpilepsy in labour
Epilepsy in labourAscitesEmergency cervical cerclage
Artificial heart valveNon-lethal skeletal dysplasiaExternal cephalic version in early labour
Renal transplantation patientHydrops (immune / non-immune)Management of morbidly adherent placenta
SLE/APLSTwin-to-twin transfusion syndromeClassical Caesarean section
Inflammatory bowel diseasePrevious trisomy / previous sex chromosome aneuploidyPerimortem Caesarean section
Myasthenia gravisHistory of haemophilia / inborn errors of metabolismSurgical management of uterine rupture
PemphigoidAnencephaly/Spina BifidaUterine inversion
Malaria in pregnancyLethal skeletal dysplasiaBrace sutures
Complex pre-eclampsia with pulmonary oedema / eclampsiaTwin reverse arterial perfusion sequenceInternal artery ligation
Active malignancy in pregnancyPeripartum hysterectomy
Internal Podalic version