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BMFMS Conference


At BAPM our mission is to improve standards of perinatal care by supporting all those involved in perinatal care to optimise their skills and knowledge, deliver and share high quality safe and innovative practice, undertake research, and promote the needs of babies and their families.

A completely independent organisation, we represent the needs of perinatal healthcare professionals and support you to provide the best quality of care for babies and their families. We are the only body to bring together neonatal and obstetric doctors, nurses, ANNPs, midwives, managers and allied health professionals. We do this because we know that perinatal care is best delivered by multidisciplinary professionals working as a team.

BAPM members produce nationally recognised frameworks that improve practice in units throughout the UK. By contributing to BAPM’s work programme you can change the way perinatal care is delivered in the future.


BAPM membership is open to anyone working in or supporting neonatal care. Join BAPM today.